When You Cannot Act, Plan




Which are you: a Mack truck, a deer, or a planner? Figure it out.

DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS.U.K. by Andrew brannan on Flickr | CC-A-ND


Mack trucks: They are busy hitting the deer; they are the Glencores and the aggressive juniors. They, however, face serious risks in that if they run out of steam, the market will punish them–and badly. But they get stuff done and have the resources to do so. 

Deer: You know those guys who cannot get out of their own way? The market is screwed and they are so focused on how bad their condition is, they are not getting anything done. 

Observers: These are the people who plan, and figure out how to avoid being hit. They might not be going down the road at the speed of the Mack trucks, but they are also not frozen like the deer. They are walking down the road; when the Mack trucks come through, they get out of the way and hunker down, but eventually they start walking again.

You can cover a lot of ground with a knapsack, a decent map, and the willingness to get up again once you have been pushed around.  


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