Top 10 Base Metal Financings – May 2019





  • Gold accounted for five of the largest financing’s closed in Canadian capital markets in May although it was pipped to the top spot by copper through the $40 million raise by Nevada Copper.
  • The top ten  financing’s aggregated $124 million of the $198.6 million announced, representing a whopping 62.4% of the total.
  • GT Gold lead the gold rankings with a $17.6 million financing with the top ten yellow metal  financing’s aggregating $66.5 million, some 33-5% of the total. In all, gold accounted for 49.4% of the number of  financing’s .
  • Nevada Copper led the base metal  financing’s with the top ten aggregating $76.5 million, some 38.5% of the total.
  • Of the 89  financing’s that closed, 64% were for less than $1 million, a further 24.7% were for less than $2 million and just 3.4% were for more than $10 million.
  • Projects in Canada accounted for 30% of the funds raised, some $59.5 million, within which projects British Columbia drew $39.7 million followed by Quebec at $9.4 million.


Congrats to the following companies for making the list:

  1. Pacific Empire Minerals
  2. Smooth Rock Ventures
  3. Serengeti Resources
  4. Talon Metals
  5. New Energy Metals
  6. Western Copper and Gold
  7. BeMetals
  8. Chakana Copper
  9. Adventus Zinc
  10. Nevada Copper

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