The Case for 55 mpg







God Bless America, but why is the government so obsessed with the latest technology fads? When it comes to energy, we should be rewarding results and efficiency, not promoting the latest “it” technologies that may or may not work. Some things will work, and some will not. Anyone remember fuel cells?

Oreninc’s view on energy attaches a clear result to the cash spent. Spending an extra $5,000 on a car is beneficial in the long term if it provides a better fuel economy and reduces energy use and emissions. Today, natural gas is a fraction of the cost of oil, yet we have not seen a natural gas tank on a car anywhere in America or Canada, and we cannot go to the “gas station” and buy gas.

Current policy pushes solar and wind. The reality, however, is the grid can only handle so much solar and wind, and they’re not as scalable as other forms of energy. Now, we’re not saying we do not support sustainable energy. We just don’t feel governments, banks, or policy wonks pick the best way to use natural resources. Current government policy chases technology with no clear ROI for customers who create smart, simple solutions.

We feel the Canadian or the U.S. government should start a new energy program and offer a $5,000 tax credit to the first 10 million cars (two million in Canada) with a combined city and highway mileage of 55 miles per gallon. We don’t care if it results from pedal power, diesel, solar or electric, and we think the government shouldn’t either.

We, however, would not bet all our money on electric, as the current coal-powered grid is just as dirty as cars. Our current electric car policy transfers emissions from the tailpipe you see to the coal-fired power plant you don’t. More electric cars mean a greater need for coal-fired power plants.

So, set the rules simply:

·       Four wheels

·       Meets crash test safety

·       Gets over 55 mpg

·       $5,000 cash to consumer

Stop pushing technologies, start pushing results, and let the market pick the solutions.


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