Thank You, Dad




I grew up in this business, literally. I was homeschooled and spent years of my life following my father around as he did business. I grew up walking the streets of Calgary, couriering documents. I grew up in a mineral recession, I know what it means when the world shuts its doors to our industry, and I understand what failure can feel like. 


My dad taught me stuff, lots of stuff, and some of it’s not easy to explain, but I wanted to write a list of some of those things here:

  1. Just because you cannot do something, does not mean you are disabled.
  2. Get up every day and do something.
  3. You can be the only right person, and everyone else can be wrong; the key is to simply survive until you are proven right.
  4. Don’t get angry; anger is never the solution to the problem.
  5. The junior person you are dealing with will be a senior person someday; how much respect you give him early on will be repaid when he makes it.
  6. There is option value in everything. Keep cheap options open.
  7. Admit your mistakes and move on.
  8. Make sure you plan and plan and keep on planning. 
  9. Always unload the airplane.

The early years of my life watching that cycle of business completely colored how I work and the people I have working with me. I know that my father and I do not see eye-to-eye on how to do things, but I am proud to be his son, and I can tell you that being his son saved me 15 years of my career.


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