One thought on “OrenincTV Episode 26: PDAC 2014 Recap

  1. By historic standards Canada’s unemployment rate is low and falling. The jobless phenomenon you are observing appears to be a mining sector specific rather than economy wide issue.

    What do you make of the fact that the junior copper mining space is not at 52 week lows despite copper being below $3?

    Do you see the current slowdown fears related to China (and some other economies such as Japan, India, Brazil) as a bigger factor in the commodity sell off than Crimea?

    Outside the commodity space, “China slowdown” fears appear to be boosting global equity valuations. Fortunately slowing Chinese growth has been accompanied by falling Chinese inflation and falling Chinese inflationary expectations; which could lead to a major Chinese Quantitative Easing and less rapid global monetary tightening (in the world minus China.)

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