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Episode One: A Case for Copper

This week, the Oreninc Team is rolling out our first video blog! These two- to five-minute vlogs will feature insight and commentary on topics ranging from the current state of the market to issues within the natural resources sector. 


One thought on “Oreninc TV: Weekly Video Updates

  1. If you like copper, I have a good high grade copper prospect that you may be interested in for Aston Bay Holdings. The property is hosted in a mineralized basalt unit with assays up tp 33% copper & 7.9 oz/t. The majority of exploration on the property including shafts & tunnels had taken place in the 1860’s with little to no work done in the last 150 years (other than assay grab samples and a mag survey in the past few months). The overlying sediments which host the high grade manganese mineralization (up to 42% Mn in carbonate form by the geological survey of Canada) is also host to the nearby Bell Island Iron deposit which contains an estimated 1 to 10 billion tones of hematite grading 56% Fe and was mined from 1890 to the 1960’s when the focus switched to the iron deposits of Labrador. There has also been gold noted in the immidiate vacintity of the property in the community of Brigus (where Wade Dawe possibly took the name for “Brigus Gold”).

    Here is some information on the property:

    Basically this is a good stratigic fit for the company and a deal would allow for the property to be properly explored, it has never been drilled.


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