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The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration is holding its first Current Trends in Mining Finance conference today and tomorrow in New York City.  Our Managing Director, Benjamin Cox, will present in the category “What is Required of Mining Companies To Raise Capital Today?” on Tuesday, April 30th.  

Mr. Cox’s presentation, backed by Oreninc data, will explore current trends in mining finance over the last 24 months with a focus on what is now economic on Canadian public markets. He will discuss what asset quality and stage of development is required for public companies looking to raise money. With fewer and smaller successful offerings, the overall theme he will stress is how it has become very difficult to find funding at every stage of development, especially early-stage exploration. He will also address topics such as: understanding corporate capital structures, what commodities have fundamental value and are financeable in the long-term, and when investors should walk away from projects. Lastly, Mr. Cox will discuss taking advantage of corporate cash shortages through direct investment and how Oreninc research can help investors and executives make smarter decisions.

Click here to view the presentation.


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