Mining legend Lukas Lundin on his rules to success, 3 commodities he is bullish about and more




Mining legend, Lukas Lundin, currently serves as a Chairman and Director of numerous publicly traded companies and is the head of the Lundin Group of Companies. As the Head of Lundin Group, he is involved actively in the exploration, development and production of copper, cobalt, zinc, nickel, lead, gold, uranium, iodine, nitrate fertilizers, oil and gas and diamonds. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for various resource discoveries and has also led numerous companies through very profitable business acquisitions and mergers.

In this interview, Lukas Lundin speaks with Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, on his rules to success and explains his mantra of ‘no guts no glory’. Lukas goes on to talk about 3 commodities he is most bullish about, why green energy is the future and the magnificent 1,000+ carat diamond that was uncovered by Lucara Diamond. He also explains which commodity could have a black swan event in the next 5 years.




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