Minera Alamos: “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”





Site Visit Report / November 2019

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”

Hell of a philosophical start to a site visit report. But don’t worry, we won’t go all Seneca on you. However, the title perfectly describes the current situation at Minera Alamos. And us investors (yes, I do own shares, warrants and options in the company) oare the lucky ones that get to benefit. The first phase has started, and opportune investors are already up over 100%. I am repeating myself now: don’t worry. There is plenty of upside left for potential new investors into MAI.v. After our recent site visit to Santana, I am more convinced than ever before.




Let’s start this site visit report to Minera Alamos’s Santana project in Mexico off with a brief anecdote about how I came across the company.

Back in early 2016, it was the first week of February to be exact, I had the opportunity to market with CEO Darren Koningen in Zurich, Switzerland. Sentiment was still bleak – the markets only picked up in the spring – but we managed to put a decent meeting schedule together for the team and even helped raise some, not a lot of, capital at C$0.10 for the company. Jump to mid-2016, the junior mining market was finally catching a bid from investors, MAI shot up to a high of C$0.29, everybody was happy, and investors had the chance to take money off the table. After that it went quiet and the stock trickled back down to a low of C$0.085 at the end of 2018.

We lost sight of the company from mid-2016 until about January 2018. During a trip to the Vancouver Resources Investment Conference we heard a rumor that Corex Gold would be merging with Minera Alamos. And indeed, only a few short days later, both companies announced their intentions and we met up with Doug Ramshaw, formerly the CEO of Corex and now the President of Minera Alamos, while we were still in town.

LinkedIn dates my first post on Minera Alamos back to October 25, 2018. Exactly 12 months ago, Minera Alamos announced a new discovery: 95.7 meters of 1.47 g/t gold equivalent from the newly discovered Divisadero zone. The stock was trading at C$0.13 back then.






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