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Dear Oreninc Subscribers,

After five years of publicly tracking the metals & mining and oil & gas junior equity markets in Canada, we are throwing in the towel.

After much thought, we are shutting down our current data and research publishing. We are doing this for many reasons, namely because we don’t want to get into the newsletter writing business, stock promotion business, or the EMD business, and those seemed to be the only natural courses for the business moving forward.

Our team has reached a point where we have higher priority projects to work on over providing free data to a market that does not seem to value it.

If there is a buyer who wants to take it over, we are happy to sell it rather than shut it down. Unfortunately, parties who have approached us did not see the value in market transparency, which is what we always saw as the core value to our service.

Our team will now be focusing on consulting, which is where we have seen success as a business. In selling services, the data business got our foot in the door and gave us name recognition, but lately it has distracted from our core strength, which is strategic planning. We will be staying in the space and are not going anywhere by any means. This is simply a change in focus.

We will keep the Oreninc Deal Log up through the end of March, but starting today it will no longer be publically updated. In addition, yesterday’s Oreninc Index will be our last. Expect a new stripped down website starting in March.

On behalf of the Oreninc team, both current and past, I’d like to give a huge thanks for all of the support over the last five years. To everyone who read our emails religiously, would pass our reports throughout their office, came up to us at conferences to tell us how much they valued our work – thank you. It was and is still much appreciated.

Best of luck,



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